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Anbima FVG Regional Youth Band

The Anbima FVG Regional Youth Band is a constantly evolving project: born in 2006, the number of its members and national and international awards have constantly grown. The ensemble is made up of over 120 young people between 10 and 19 who, thanks to group music, are able to perfect their level of preparation, giving rise to a lively and brilliant formation. The merit also goes to the artistic director Mr Marco Somadossi, who led the Regional Youth Band in various artistic projects, including the intervention at the 71st Venice Film Festival, the Ce biele lune projects, for the 40th anniversary of the earthquake in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, From Caporetto to the Piave in memoriam, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and Peace War. To date, the band boasts five recordings, one of which for the AMADEUS music magazine, three for the publishing house Scomegna and one, War of peace, recorded within the project of the same name, at the end of the five-year celebrations for the centenary of the Great War.