Ferdinando Mussutto – Pianist

Born in Udine in 1976, Ferdinando Mussutto graduated with full marks in piano at the age of 20 at the “J. Tomadini ”of Udine; subsequently he attended several master-classes for both the solo and chamber repertoire, perfecting himself with the Masters Panhofer, Rattalino, G. Lovato, D. Rivera, Fister, Porta and with the Trio di Parma. In 2001 he completed the two-year specialization course with Maestro Andrea Lucchesini at the Sesto Fiorentino Music School and the advanced chamber music courses at the Trieste Trio Music School in Duino (TS), under the guidance of the masters De Rosa, Zanettovich, Jones and Bronzi, obtaining the Diploma of Merit. He has been awarded in various national and international competitions, both solo and chamber, including the “C. Togni” Competition in Gussago (BS), the “S. Omizzolo” Competition in Padua, the “S. Marizza ”in Trieste, the“ G. Rospigliosi ”in Lamporecchio (PT) and the Agimus Competition in Rome. He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, China, Paraguay and Venezuela, gaining acclaim from the public and critics everywhere. He has collaborated with numerous musical realities in Northern Italy and Carinthia including the “G. Verdi” Opera House of Trieste, the “I Pomeriggi Musicali” Orchestra of Milan, the Regional Symphony Orchestra of the FVG, the “Academia” Orchestra Ars Musicae “of Klagenfurt, the” Karmelos “Orchestra, the” Mikrokosmos “Ensemble, the” CarinthiaArtis “Association and the” A. Steffani “Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto (TV), the Choir of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Schola Cantorum of S.ta Giustina (BL), the Daphne Chamber Orchestra of Belluno, the Estate Musicale Portogruarese and the FVG Mitteleuropa Orchestra.
In the summer of 1997 he was master collaborator at the “G. Verdi ”of Trieste; in 2001 he recorded two CDs for the RealSound record company in Udine, making a first recording with chamber works by the German composer Arnold Schoendlinger (sonata for viola and piano and second sonata for violin and piano); in 2005 he recorded J. Brahms’ Quartet Op. 60 for RAI Radio3, while in 2007 he participated in the live recording of Carmina Burana with the FVG Choir. In December 2002 he was also the winner of the selection for collaborating pianists of the instrumental classes organized by the “A. Steffani ”of Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso), with whom he collaborated for four years, also covering the role of official accompanist in masterclasses and international opera competitions. In 2009 he was invited to hold a piano masterclass at the Escuela “O. Lopez” in Caracas, while in 2010 he was awarded the “Carinthicum 2010” prize by the Carinthia Artis Association (Koetschach, A) for the concert activity in Carinthia. He constantly explores musical genres outside the classical sphere, from contemporary music to contaminations, and in 2011 he recorded the CD “Intersections” for the ARTESUONO label in duo with saxophonist Alex Sebastianutto, obtaining generous appreciation from specialized magazines in the sector. He is one of the founders of the “PIANO TWELVE” Ensemble, a formation made up of 12 pianists that is enjoying considerable success, and with whom he has performed worldwide for RAI 1 SPORT. He carries out an intense concert activity that has seen him protagonist together with international artists including Annamaria Dell’Oste, Domenico Balzani, Luisa Castellani, Lucio Degani, Domenico Nordio, Marco Gerboni, Nicola Mazzanti, Massimo Mercelli, Roberto Fabbriciani, the Szabò Quartet , the Italian Saxophone Ensemble and the Tallin Sinfonietta.